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about me

I am a fully qualified nutritional therapist, with a diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine one of the UK's largest, highly respected and well known natural medicine training providers. I am also a member of The British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) who are the leading professional body for Nutritional Therapists.

I believe just because food is healthy it doesn't have to be boring. Once you start looking at food differently a whole range of foods, flavours and experiences open up.

I have a long relationship with food and I am passionate about its effects on health and wellbeing. I became aware from an early age the positive and negative effects food had on my Rheumatoid Arthritis. By identifying and correcting nutritional imbalances helped reduce the pain and inflammation in my body.

My professional career was within the NHS as a Registered General Nurse for 22 years prior to training as a Nutritional Therapist.

I have a keen interest in auto-immune diseases and digestive issues.

As a nutritional therapist I am committed to continuing my professional development and regularly attend training programmes. This keeps me up to date with the latest research in the nutrition field and equips me with the scientific knowledge necessary to help my clients successfully achieve their health goals.

I am fully insured with Balens who provide specialist insurance for health professionals.